Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Max B To Remain In Prison Until 2042, Appeal Was Denied

Max B's appeal of multiple counts, stemming from his role in a robery atempt-turned-homicide has officially fallen through. The Dipset member now faces the next 30 years in prison, before the possibility of parole.

The rapper, who's real name is Charly Wingate, was convicted on 9 of 11 counts of murder and robbery charges, as the result of an incident in New Jersey that left David Taylor shot dead.

Max B was hopeful in April 2011, that he would be released in the summer of 2011. "The appeal process is done, finally. It's been done for about a month now." he said then. "Now what they do is, the prosecutor responds back and you get a letter. They tell you you've got to wait eight to ten months for a response from the appellate court. You might see me at the end of summer. You might see me at the end of the year. I'm just waiting on the appellate courts, all my paperwork is done."

We will keep you all updated.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Gay Rumors Are Denied By Rapper Erick Sermon,
He Says There Will Never Be Openly Gay Rappers

Eric Sermon explained why.

Eric has officially denied rumors that have been going around for years, questioning his sexuallity, of which he has denied in an interview with Vlad TV.
He said " He is not gay and assumptions where made without anything to back them up."

"No that was a long time ago, That was thiteen years ago. No. Somebody who put that out there a long time ago was Wendy Williams, that had all us on there, Puffy, everybody was in that category then, dosen't matter who it was. But people who know... you can't go out there and make accusations about something which is retarded about the press, and about people too. You have to have something else to go on that to say that," he said. "People know about me, about the women, there's no hiding that. Niggers known i was dominant with that, Not to be boasting but, are you serious?"

The EPMD member also said that Hip Hop will never have openly gay rappers because it can play against an emcee to admit to homosexuality.

"No it's the same about when you talk about sports players too. We don't know if thats going to happen because that's a curse to be in sports and to be gay, and be in Hip Hop. you can't be on a basketball team, a football team and be homo."
Prosecutors Are Seeking To Delay The Sentencing Of Rapper B.G

B.G had pleaded guilty to weapons charges and witness tampering charges in December 2011
The rapper who's real name is Christopher Dorsey ( According to NOLA,) was originally scheduled to be
sentenced on March 14th 2012. Now prosecutors with US Attorney Jim Lettens office are looking to push back the court date, as they are objecting to sentencing guidelines.
The office "received information about Dorsey From fellow federal prosecutors in southern Illinois."
What information they obtained is unclear.

31 year old Dorsey was originally arrested in November 2009 driving a stolen vehicle and in possession of three weapons, two of which had been stolen.
No plea deal has been arranged, and B.G could be facing eight to ten years in prison.

Friday, 17 February 2012

                 Robin Thicke Arrested in New York NYC For Possesion of a Joint

The R&B Singer was with another person in his Cadillac Escalade smoking a joint, when
a police officer spotted him.. He alone was arrested and then later charged with possession of
The singer will be processed, and will most likely be served with a desk appearance ticket, according to
Will update with more info as it comes.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Travis Porter Arrested On Gun Charge..

Harold Duncan JR AKA Travis Porter 

Was Arrested on a gun when the rapper tried to carry a firearm through Atlanta International Airport.
MTV Reported that a Hartsfield-Jackson official confirmed the arrest and the rapper has been moved to Clayton County jail and was charged for carrying weapons in unauthorized locations. Bail has not yet been set.

and the rappers team is yet to comment..

Silly boy wonder what he was thinking that made him try that!!!

Pharrell Hints maybe working on a project with Jay Z?

Skate P AKA Pharrell

Recently visited MTV for a interview where he hinted heavily towards a new project with Jay Z.
Pharrell was quoted saying he is in the throne mode.. leaving fans to assume there will be a Throne 2 Album with Jay and Kanye.

Pharrell also went on to say that him and Jay were in a great place creatively and have found there zone..